Cerebus Innovations Pvt Ltd

We are startup based in Bengaluru providing best of tea products to consumers. We are a Manufacturer | Exporter and also a wholesale supplier of high-quality tea products. Our mission is to provide our esteemed customers with the best products and services.

We Stand for strength

  • - Empowerment to our customers with best tea at great value
  • - Integrity through ethical action and building relationships on honesty, mutual and trust
  • - Innovation in crafting the perfect tea blend from only the best ingredients.
  • - Excellent every level from our products and our work which goes all the way to our conduct of business
  • - Fairness in trade, price and quality everyday and in every aspect of tea business.
  • - Impact on community and environment through positive solutions that achieve meaningful changes.


FSSAI Certified

This verifies the maintenance of safety in our product manufacture and production.